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Since inception in year 1999,through our professional competence and sheer commitment
to quality & innovation we have been able to create and retain an enviable clientele like YOU.
Our competitive advantage in this period of punctuated equilibrium is our Human Capital
resource bank.Avis is a company of technocrats,engineers and highly skilled
craftsmen. We will share this rich knowledge & intelligence with you. You will benefit
from our wealth of engineering knowledge and the fruits of our continual research into new
materials, latest trends and applicable technology. Our time horizons are long-term. For
this enterprising reason we are driven to attract, develop and retain YOU
as our esteemed customer.

Engineered solutions & innovations for your process requirements

  Washing   Grading/sorting   Mixing/blending Conveying & Handling
  Heating/cooling/drying/conditioning   Filling   Flavouring/Seasoning/Coating
  Feeding    Dosing/ingredient charging Screening
  Orienting/positioning   Distributing   Elevating/lowering
  Packaging Loading/unloading
Conveying & Handling Equipment

Loading & Unloading Equipment

 We specialise in providing solutions in Special Purpose Material Handling Systems,
 Food Conditioning & Handling Systems, Processing Lines, Packing aids and Low-cost
 automation projects catering to Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Personal care, Food Processing,
 Post-harvest Processing industries.
 Our well-designed products and equipments made through excellent craftsmanship
 encompass virtually every area of plant operations

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We listen and understand your problem
...because we have been there!!


We listen and can share your dream of a creative solution
... because we seek new horizons.




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